Join Us In Spreading The Jain Way of Living Among Youths

In order to serve our younger generation in better way and understand their needs, beliefs, opinions and suggestions with regards to Jainism, JAINA had conducted youth survey at YJA Convention 2016.

The purpose to conduct this survey, was to understand youths’ involvement with local Jain Center, their participation in volunteer activities, Jain principles they relate to, who influences their spiritual pursuits, their takings on Jainism etc.

Survey insights state,

1)      Most of the youths participate in volunteer activities in school or temple.

2)      Parents influence youths’ spiritual pursuit the most followed by their Mentors, Scholars, Jain friends and Books.

3)      Around 50 % of youths feel their knowledge on Jainism could be better.

4)      Youths demand actual reason/understanding behind the rituals, easy way to understand religion and sync between Jainism and Modern Science rather than focusing on just rituals.

5)      There are no youth activities in certain Jain Centers/areas.

After studying survey insights, JAINA plans to make difference with the support of local Jain Centers to influence youths’ involvement in Jainism and spread Jain way of living among future generation in following ways:

·         Encourage/initiate more social activities like Skits, Memes and Road Shows where youths can participate

·         Organize activities for youths

a.        To donate their old clothes, toys, books,

b.       To teach computer skills to elderly,

c.        Tutor of particular skill at orphanage etc…

·         Schedule lectures on Jain Principles and teach how to take it in practice in daily life

·         Since parents influence youths’ spiritual pursuit most, we can organize activities/games where youths can participate along with their parents and bond well

We would like to know from you about how to materialize these ideas and take it forward.  Please write us your feedbacks and suggestions in comment section.


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