Jainism vs Modern Lifestyle

Today, in the world of technology where everything is super-fast, it is very difficult to keep balance between Jainism and modern lifestyle. As such, it is  a major dilemma for many on how to ‘practice’ Jainism in our modern lifestyle

We believe in Jain principles such as Ahimsa, Aparigraha, Anekantvad, but do we actually practice it in our daily life? Every day we perform numerous tasks, where with little consciousness and effort we can save ourselves from Jiv hinsa, Parigraha, Asatya etc.

We know that, while consuming electricity we are doing hinsa of Ekendriya jivs, but practically we cannot stop the consumption as it has become necessary part of our lifestyle. What we can do is that we can strive to minimize the consumption and thus avoid more jiv hinsa.

Similarly, one of the principles says we should detach ourselves from people, places, other worldly pleasures etc. and attach only towards our soul. While, modern lifestyle pulls us towards travelling world, exploring new things, meeting new people etc. These two different theories, which are totally opposite, leave us with no answer to which path to walk on ?

Here we need to understand that it is not possible for everyone to give up everything and start walking towards our soul, but at the same time it is very necessary to keep our roots attached to Jainism and keep our conscience awake in every aspect of our lives. Therefore, instead looking at the vast difference between Jainism and modern lifestyle, we should keep finding links between them which can help us to walk on path shown by Bhagwan Mahavir.

What is your take on Jainism vs. Modern lifestyle? Do you agree with above phenomenon or have different point of view? Write us your thoughts in comment section.

One thought on “Jainism vs Modern Lifestyle

  1. Jainisum has two two fold path: Absolute point of view & practical point of view.
    Absolute point of view tells us that this is the principal I am keeping my mind, one need to believe in it.
    practical point of view tells us that you can out wardly live like every one else.
    If one has Jain principles inthe thought process, the influx of Karma will be of less intencity & of less duration.

    Example: Limiting possessions: One can have possessions but react towards the like a trustee & not as an owner,
    Similar to leasing a car V/s owening the car.
    You have the car like every one else but in your mind you thik it is not my car it is leased & they are4 responsible for were & tear.

    Same can be applied in may ways

    A short story comes to mind:
    Three brothers were eating dinner together, mother prepaired food: Chatni was missing
    One refushed to eat without it
    Second said do nto do this again
    Third one said it is ok

    Same situation different influx of Karmas

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