The doctrines of Anekantvad often criticized on the grounds that they engender a degree of hesitancy and uncertainty, and may compound problems rather than solve them. It is also pointed out that Jain epistemology asserts its own doctrines, but at the cost of being unable to deny contradictory doctrines. Furthermore, it is also argued that this doctrine could be self-defeating. It is argued that if reality is so complex that no single doctrine can describe it adequately, then Anekantvad  itself, being a single doctrine, must be inadequate.This criticism seems to have been anticipated by Acharya Samantabhadra who said: “From the point of view of pramana (means of knowledge) it is Anekant  (multi-sided), but from a point of view of naya (partial view) it isekanta (one-sided).
What is your opinion on the above statement ?

4 thoughts on “Anekantvad

  1. The honorable judge Judy said, ” keep it simple stupid”, .. The previous simple sentence was said under the 1st.Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.
    Simple logic,Simple reason, Simple explanation, concluding only one way to go.
    Merry Christmas, Happy new year.


  2. It is very very tough to understand jainism with application of limited knowledge and that also through logic which we already have in our mind. Complete washout is required to understand jainism. Only then one can accept what is said in ANEKANT. Every principle is based on certain assumptions. These are true to that extent. Hence jainism doesn’t deny that these are wrong. But jainism gives a SUPER ASSUMPTION : every soul is capable to be a LORD which is not present in any of the other religion. Hence to say that jainism is uncertain is the “PRODUCT” of those who grossly fail to digest JAINISM : Surendra Rakhecha –


  3. Jainism accept that every religion is a religion in its true sense. But other religions don’t accept it. For example : for rest of the religions, it is impossible to follow jainism in toto. Whereas many of jain monk and nuns are following it without any problems. This makes that the assumptions of other religions are not up-to-mark. – Surendra Rakhecha, –


  4. Most of the religions don’t accept that other religions are also true to the same extent which they follow. If it happens, then there would be no need what christian missionaries do to convert people to follow them. Same is being done by Mohammedans which is clearly being experienced in India.


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