What is JAINA?
JAINA is the Federation of Jain Associations in North America, an umbrella organization that preserves and shares Jain Dharma and the Jain Way of Life. JAINA’s head office is located in Milpitas at 722 South Main St., Milpitas, CA 95053, 510-730-0204. The email is info@jaina.org.

Who are members of JAINA?
Over 65 organizations are members of JAINA. This includes Jain temples, sanghs, societies and centers.

What is JAINA’S Organizational Structure?
There are over 70 organizations under the JAINA umbrella. Each organization, based on their membership size appoints 1, 2, or 3 Directors. There are 110 JAINA Directors who elect the JAINA Executive Committee every two years. Also there are over 30 specialized working groups called JAINA Committees. Click here to review JAINA’s Constitution.

Who are JAINA Leaders and Committees?

How can I help?
We are looking for talented volunteers who can devote a minimum of 10 hours per month and are skilled in computers, marketing, PR, content / web management, project management, training, etc. Please contact info@jaina.org or contact the committee chair or JAINA EC member directly.

JAINA History
JAINA was started with the blessings from Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanuji and Acharya Shri Sushil Kumarji. It was initiated at the first Jain Convention held in Los Angeles in 1981 and formalized at the second Jain Convention in New York in 1983.

Past Accomplishments:

  • Represents over 100,000 Jains and over 70 Jain organizations
  • Has over 15 active committees
  • Held conventions every two years since 1981 (Los Angeles)
  • Publishes a quarterly magazine (earlier in print now online) sent free to 10,000 families
  • Celebrated its 17th biennial JAINA Convention in Novi, MI with 3,500 attendees


For more information, please contact info@jaina.org.

Billing Address:

722 South Main St., Milpitas, CA 95053