Today, in the world of technology where everything is superfast, it is very difficult to keep balance between Jainism and modern lifestyle. As such, it is  a major dilemma for many on how to ‘practice’ Jainism in our modern lifestyle We believe in Jain principles such as Ahimsa, Aparigraha, Anekantvad, but do we actually practice … Continue reading JAINISM VS MODERN LIFESTYLE

Veganism – One more step towards Jainism?

Jainism believes in Ahimsa (non-violence). The Jain concept of ahimsa is not only subjected to humans but also to animals, micro-organisms, plants and all beings having life or life potential. Every act by which a person directly or indirectly supports killing any life is seen as act of violence, which creates harmful reaction karma. The aim of ahimsa is to prevent the accumulation of such karmas.

Join Us In Spreading The Jain Way of Living Among Youths

In order to serve our younger generation in better way and understand their needs, beliefs, opinions and suggestions with regards to Jainism, JAINA had conducted youth survey at YJA Convention 2016. The purpose to conduct this survey, was to understand youths’ involvement with local Jain Center, their participation in volunteer activities, Jain principles they relate … Continue reading Join Us In Spreading The Jain Way of Living Among Youths